The infestation has begun

!! Apelien larvae detected on Polygon !!

Enter larvae Hatchery

Hatchery Status:


Apelien Larvae are a highly-intoxicated limited collection of 3333 generative NFTs developed exclusively for the Apelien Universe. Boasting a wide variety of traits and over 42069 possible combinations, these unique little critters will grow up into Bapeliens and serve as your ultra-chill companion on your journey in the Mothership.

3333 Larvae on Polygon // 25 MATIC per Larvae

Must mint 1 at a time, Max 25 total per wallet

Public mint cycles start in April

Larvae --> evolve into --> Bapeliens

Bapelien holders get cool perks

I hear the dev lowkey sexy af



100 larvae to be minted by the treasury, 33 will be distributed to the team, 100 will be sealed in the Apelien vault and the rest will be used for airdrops, community prizes, and promotions


Once the Evolution Phase has begun, Larvae will automatically evolve in random batches until all have matured into Bapeliens


Bapeliens will retain some of the same attributes as their Larvae form as well as potentially gaining new attributes upon evolution


After evolution, the Evolved Larvae will leave behind (airdrop) a Exoskeleton. The Exoskeleton will be a 1 of 1 copy of your previously unevolved Larvae & part of it's own collection


  • Pre-mint events and giveaways
  • Larvae public mint on Polygon
  • Larvae mature into Bapeliens
  • Exoskeleton airdrop
  • ???